5 Things Every Beginner Should Know Before Playing Total War: THREE KINGDOMS

Staff – August 1, 2019 at 2:04 AM

Total War: THREE KINGDOMS is a complex game with many systems, some of which might be new even to seasoned fans of the real-time strategy genre. If this is your first Total War game — or even if you simply need some brushing up on the basics — these tips, sourced straight from Total War: THREE KINGDOMS’ development team, are sure to make your journey to becoming the ruler of China a lot less daunting.


Tip #1: Consult the overlay

Use the in-game overlay for tips. Press F1 at any point during the campaign or a battle for more information. You can hover over any section of the UI and see how to use it. You can also right-click on these for a video outlining the information if you’d rather. These are available in 13 languages, including English, Russian and Chinese.

Tip #2: Sell your surplus resources

You can sell any extra ancillaries or surplus food to get extra cash for your campaign. Throughout your campaign events, you can earn special items for your characters by visiting certain settlements and defeating enemy characters. Anything you aren’t using you can sell through the diplomacy screen to other factions. You may also have a surplus of food which you can sell or trade to other warlords desperate for some extra food.

Tip #3: Send your characters on assignments

It’s a great way to level up less experienced heroes without sending them into battle. These assignments will also give you benefits to your income, food, and other resources necessary to help you forge your dynasty.

Tip #4: Look out for unique settlements

Dotted around the campaign map you can find Armour Craftsmen, Weapons Craftsmen, and Animal Tamers. They will randomly drop unique armor, weapons, and horses, respectively. You can then equip these items to your heroes or gift them to your allies.

Tip #5: Don’t underestimate strategists

They can be incredibly useful on the battlefield. Once they achieve Rank 4, they unlock unique formations including Turtle Formation, Spear Wall, Shield Wall, and more, which will help you overcome the odds in battle.

If you’re eager to continue your training, check out Total War Academy for even more in-depth tips and specialized knowledge. The videos and literature available on the site are articulate, comprehensive, and perfect for any new player.

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