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Enter for a Chance to Win DDK’s New Powerful Mini-PC

Staff – December 3, 2019 at 9:35 AM

From now until December 20, 2019, you can enter our sweepstakes contest for a chance to win one of three gaming PCs custom-built by esports casters. Each of these PCs were tailor-made to suit the demanding lifestyle of an esports caster — and one of them could be yours to keep. 



As a professional in the gaming industry, esports caster Daniel “DDK” Kapadia faces a problem that’s relatable for any other PC gamer who frequently travels for their job: Should we prioritize portability or performance?

Luckily, with his new, ultra-powerful mini-PC, Kapadia will never have to compromise between the two ever again. Watch as Kapadia builds the PC from scratch, from installing the system’s storage to entering BIOS for the first time.

As a professional esports caster and former esports pro, Kapadia has fairly high standards for a gaming PC; being able to stream while playing a game simultaneously is a particular need of his. The Intel® Core™ i7-9700K can handle both tasks without impeding high framerates, which are another important consideration for anyone who takes competitive gaming seriously. 

The best part? This PC can be yours if you participate in our current sweepstakes contest. From now until December 20, 2019, participants have the chance to win one of three gaming PCs custom-built by esports casters — including DDK’s mini-PC. For every week of the contest we’ll be giving away one of these PCs, so make sure to sign up and check back each week.

Check out the full video to watch Kapadia walk us through the build process and explain why the mini-PC satisfies all his needs.

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